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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a form of counseling that uses play to communicate and help people, especially children, prevent and resolve challenges. Challenges children experience may result in difficult behaviors, aggression, withdraw, regression, or other maladaptive coping skills. 

During Play Therapy, children recreate the experiences and emotional states they are struggling with. Through their interactions and relationships with a trained play therapist, the play becomes intentional and emotional healing begins. The process helps to minimize challenging behaviors, allowing the child to feel balanced in order to achieve optimal growth and development.

Why Play Therapy?

Play is the natural way in which children learn and explore the world. Play Therapy helps children resolve challenges in a style that seems natural to them, as children are not like adults who are better suited to talk about their problems.

About Synergetic Play Therapy™

Erin and Kelly are both certified in a specialized type of Play Therapy called Synergetic Play TherapyTM. This method employs a nurturing, holistic approach that is Child Directed rather than Therapist Directed. The process allows us to modify the approach on an individual level in order to connect on each child’s specific needs rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Since the child controls the direction and speed of therapy, realizing change and achieving goals becomes inevitable.

Synergetic Play TherapyTM is based on brain sciences, utilizing its foundations in neurobiology to help children reach a state of regulation in the natural language of children: Play. Not only will challenging behaviors decrease, but the child’s ability to express wants, needs, and emotions will improve, allowing families to connect with balance and harmony. Parents will be provided with feedback on the sessions and how to support and nurture their child at home. Parents will be engaged in the therapeutic process and will receive regular progress reports. Community referrals for psychiatry, diagnostic evaluations, support groups, and developmentally appropriate activities can be provided as needed.

Additional information about Synergetic Play Therapy:  www.synergeticplaytherapy.com 

What are the benefits of Play Therapy?

As a parent you know your child on the most intimate level and your input and relationship is paramount throughout the therapeutic process. Parents will see progress and success in their children, enhancing their relationship through improved communication and connection. Parents will feel more confident in their child’s ability to problem solve, build positive relationships with peers, and academic success and achievement. Parents will experience a decrease in challenging behaviors, providing families more time to enjoy life. Children who engage in the therapeutic process will learn how to expand their window of tolerance and develop their ability to self-regulate. Children who are regulated reach their developmental milestones across all areas. They are more confident, make more friends, are healthier, have greater academic success, get in fewer fights, and have greater ability to persist at challenging tasks. These are abilities which will improve the child’s quality of life not only now, but throughout the trajectory of their life.