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Discipline and Punishment

Posted on 10/2/2015 by SuperUser Account

Discipline and punishment are often misunderstood terms that get used interchangeably when it comes to parenting. At Play Therapy i.n.c. we believe that every parent, teacher, caregiver, and therapist (basically anyone who takes on the role of helping shape the lives of our children) does the absolute best they can in any given moment. Which means that we are not perfect and have moments of feeling like we somehow failed as parents, teachers, caregivers, or therapists. Guess what, that means we are human, and have an opportunity to reconnect and repair. We also believe that when it comes to our children we all want the best for them and to live healthy, connected, integrated lives. Which means a lot of bumps in the road and moments of wanting to pull out our hair or just scream. This is where discipline, punishment, and parenting styles enter into the picture.

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